5th Annual Dunstable Water Polo Tournament

Sunday 29th January was the 5th annual Dunstable Water Polo Tournament. Four teams competed in this year’s event: Dunstable, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Spalding. The day was filled with a few very close games, and a nail-biting draw between Bedford and Spalding. Ultimately Spalding won the tournament with 2 wins and 1 draw.

Congratulations to Spalding on their victory. Official results were:

Spalding – 7 points
Dunstable – 6 points
Bedford – 4 points
Milton Keynes – 0 points

Thank you to all parties involved.

Herts League Win over Spalding

14918782_1672973906347238_4738801399846688529_oFollowing a hard season in Division 1 of the Herts League Dunstable produced an outstanding 2nd half come back against Spalding to win 8-6.

Spalding were quick out the block to score 2 in the first quarter the first within 20 seconds and we found the tights marking difficult to make anything happen in front of goal. 2nd quarter saw Spalding extend the lead to 5-1.

3rd quarter saw some great one on one saves by Dunstable’s keeper and the successfull conversion of all 3 man up opportunities to bring the score right back to 4-5.

4th quarter started with an outrageous lob to draw level and then an outside shot to take the lead. Confusion at the back and a sending out in saw Spalding draw level but hard work in the pit saw Dunstable take the lead again. What followed was 4 mins of back and forth before a final goal in the 7th min to take the game out of reach.

Well done to all who played.

3rd Annual Dunstable Water Polo Tournament

Sunday 22nd March saw us host Dunstable Water Polo’s Annual Tournament. Bringing together 5 teams from Division 2 of the Herts League (Dunstable, Hitchin, Hertford, Hatfield and Milton Keynes) for 3 hours of Tournament Polo.

After some really close games it came down to a last second goal from Martin Hackett between Dunstable and Hertford giving Dunstable 10 points and Hertford 9. We would like to thank everyone that helped organise the event, also for the volunteers who helped on the table and referees on the day from all the clubs without which we would not be able to run the tournament. Results shown below.

Time White

(start shallow end)


(start deep end)


Shallow / Deep

17:00 Milton Keynes Hertford Dunstable / Hitchin 1-5 (Hertford W)
17:18 Dunstable Hitchin  Milton Keynes / Hertford 8-0 (Dunstable W)
17:36 Milton Keynes Hitchin  Hatfield / Dunstable 4-0 (MK W)
17:54 Dunstable Hatfield Hitchin / Milton Keynes 4-4 (Draw)
18:12 Milton Keynes Dunstable Hatfield / Hertford 1-5 (Dunstable W)
18:30 Hatfield Hertford Dunstable / Hitchin 1-2 (Hertford W)
18:48 Hitchin Hatfield Hertford / Milton Keynes 1-4 (Hatfield W)
19:06 Hertford Dunstable Hitchin / Hatfield 2-3 (Dunstable W)
19:24 Milton Keynes Hatfield  Hertford / Dunstable 1-4 (Hatfield W)
19:42 Hitchin Hertford Milton Keynes / Hatfield 1-6 (Hertford W)


Happy 6th Birthday to Dunstable Water Polo Club

It was 6 years ago today the club was formed at Dunstable and so much has happened since then. The club has grown in numbers and quality and we have even picked up silverware along the way.

We would just like to that everyone who has helped setup, support and played over the years without who we wouldn’t be here today. Looking forward to the future of this club 🙂